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Financial solutions and advice for companies

Businesses from all areas need to maximize their efficiency and optimize their services in order to stand out from an increasingly fierce competition. The process of development of new ideas, better strategies and more effective approaches never stops, because if it does, other companies will take the lead and absorb a higher portion of the customer base. If you are conducting a business, you must make sure to be always ahead, providing the most innovative and convenient solutions in your area.

Financial companies work in a very delicate field where mistakes can cost huge amounts of money, while the right decisions will skyrocket figures for both you and your customers. Security must always be maximized, and the smartest and wisest of all should be making choices. Only with highly educated and trained managers, financial companies can make the most out of their assets.


Why work with us?

We are a financial advisory and security training company based in Leicester, and all our members are professional advisors with years of expertise in different fields of economy, accountancy and investments. Together, we are a strong team, perfectly qualified to educate your managers, assess your company and provide the best tailored advice.  We work with banks, assurance companies, insurance providers, financial companies and any other related business in the area.

Professional panels

We organize panels and round tables which are open to our community. By becoming our client, you can immediately access special benefits and VIP invitations to these events. In these panels, we gather professionals in finances and security, and we discuss the latest developments in the area. Certified professionals are invited to our workshops and special meetings. 

Assessment services

 We work as financial advisors for all sorts and sized of companies. There is always room for improvement, as well as mistakes or weak points that go in detriment of your revenue. Let us assess your company and put all these elements on display. Get a closer look at your own business and access a deep analysis of what's good, what's wrong and what could be better.

Security checkouts

When you handle your clients' money, security is fundamental. We are up to date with the latest developments in security technology, fraud prevention and safe platforms. You can provide the best and safest systems to your clients and become more competitive and reliable. Let us instruct you on these security systems, keep you up to date and train your staff in the use of this technology. 

Tailored advice

After we run a full assessment of your company, we will offer to make a complete business plan or improvement scheme. Based in our comprehensive analysis of your company, we will present to you a project as well as instructions and guidance on how to put it into practice. Improve all areas of your business, become more competitive and reach a higher success with our expert advice. 


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Renowned companies from the United Kingdom who have hired our services.

Randy Graves
Houston Bell Insurance

"We have attended MGM Assurance's yearly panels for five years now, and they never fail to improve and bring us the latest news and discoveries in finances and security systems. Without them, we would be more limited in the services that we are able to offer."
Paul Houssay
Manchester Fox Ltd.

"Our company's performance has improve greatly after we started working with MGM Assurance. They provide a very efficient and accurate service. The solutions they suggest have always worked for us. They are a great investment for any business."
Gladys Larson
West Riverside Group

"It is always a pleasure to work with MGM Assurance. All professional people, very knowledgeable, very reliable. They are so confident in their work yet so open to share their experience with you and discuss options for your company. Following their advice was always the right thing to do."